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Gamers Baseball


Our mission is to develop passionate and skilled baseball players to compete at the highest level nationally, while using baseball as a platform to teach important life lessons to young men in a team environment that is positive, challenging and fun.

Our Five Goals

To challenge each student-athlete at levels he has yet to experience athletically, while simultaneously giving each ballplayer a fun and unforgettable athletic experience.

To develop and push each player to reach the limit of his baseball potential and help players achieve their baseball dreams.

To develop a style of play that is unique — a “Gamers” style of play that emphasizes the pursuit of excellence and “effort over outcome.”

To aid in the emotional and personal development of each Gamer, to help them understand:

  • The importance of commitment
  • The value of relationships and of thinking outside of themselves
  • The need to take responsibility for their own actions
  • The traits and characteristics that lead to success

To develop a Gamer culture, shared by players, coaches, directors, parents and fans that builds a positive, supportive atmosphere before, during and after team events.

Mark Gallion

Gamers Baseball